• On 29 October 2011, legal action charities Reprieve and Pakistan’s Foundation for Fundamental Rights (FFR) hosted the Waziristan Grand Jirga (council) in Islamabad in order to open an international dialogue on the CIA’s use of drones in Pakistan. Tribal elders, victims’ families and residents of Waziristan and Pakistan’s FATA regions participated. They strongly disputed the CIA’s claim that no ‘non-militant’ had been killed in drone strikes, noting that fatalities included women and children. Since 2007, the Waziri-based photojournalist Noor Behram has photographed and recorded sites of drone strikes across Waziristan. Behram brought to the Jirga pieces of Hellfire missiles collected by families of the victims of alleged drone strikes.
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  • The Jirga insisted on a new transparency so that the world may make an informed judgment on the efficacy of the war waged on sovereign territory by the intelligence service of a foreign nation. Mirza Shahzad Akbar, lawyer and director of the FFR, proposed to “help empower those who have no ability to protect themselves and their families from these missiles.” To support his appeal at the Jirga, Akbar worked with Behram using the collected pieces of Hellfire missiles as evidence. Presenting them as artefacts, their existence as historical documents provided the factual basis for Akbar’s statements. Participants at the Waziristan Grand Jirga unanimously agreed to seek intervention of the United Nations and the Supreme Court of Pakistan at the end of the council.
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  • The Dinner Excerpt from Lisa Barnard on Vimeo.

    Reprieve and the Foundation for Fundamental Rights (FFR) hosted a dinner at the Margalla Hotel in Islamabad the evening before the Grand Jirga on 28th October 2011. The dinner was held so that journalists could listen to the stories and obtain both visual and verbal evidence from victims of drone strikes and their families.