• The FlatWorld is an immersive system that acts as an integration point for the work of ICT research projects such as Natural Language, Virtual Humans and the Graphics Lab, and assists the transition of ICT technologies to actual use in operational settings for the US Army. These systems are housed in an inocquious building just outside Marina Del Rey, California.
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  • Multi-room configurations of the FlatWorld system are now under development for use by the Office of Naval Research (ONR), and the Infantry Immersive Trainer Flatworld system is installed at Quantico, Virginia and at Camp Pendleton, California. ONR have invested $75 million in Human Performance, Training, and Education (HPT E) related technologies for the Marine Corp and the Navy with a further $50 million over the next 5 years. In incorporating the US Army’s Research and Development at ICT, ONR intend to develop the next generation of science and technology to optimize warfighter performance and small unit excellence. The Mixed Reality Research & Development (MRR&D) group creates immersive systems and training simulations that incorporate both real and virtual elements. The projection and display techniques enable computer-generated virtual characters, objects, and effects to convincingly interact with, or alter real objects, such as walls, doors, and furniture. FlatWorld uses mixed-reality sensing, which enables the system to detect and track participants without encumbering the participant with cables, sensors, etc. This capability makes the systems aware, and thus able to respond believably to participants actions.
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