1000 Words – The War From Here, Exhibition Review

November 13, 2017 at 5:10 pm

Following the exhibition of, The War From Here at Krakow Photomonth this Summer, it was a pleasure to read Duncan Woolridge’s review of the show on the 1000 Words site.


“The War From Here is an extraordinary call to see how [war] occurs right in front of us”,
he writes. “Photography is capable of something more contextual, more critical, more enduring
and penetrating. In this, one of the most convincing exhibitions about conflict and its reaches,
we are called to see how war is something that surrounds us.”


The show consisted of work from my series, Whiplash Transition, alongside others by
Nina Berman, Monica Haller, Sophie Ristelhueber and Martha Rosler at the Bunkier Building.


“In her installation, Barnard draws potent connections between the machinic vision of military,
devices, or the flying patterns of drones in strategic formations, and the fantasy-world of Las Vegas.”


Read the full review here



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